A service has been developed for processing payments for children aged 3-16

12 May

The service is available at

RTLabs was a technology partner in the development of a special service for making a one-time payment of 10 thousand rubles for children aged 3 to 16. Russian citizens can apply for a special landing using an account on the Public Services Portal.
The service was launched in a short time frame following execution on May 11, 2020, by Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, of amendments to Decree No. 249 of April 7, 2020  "On additional measures of social support for families with children." Within a day since the launch of the service, more than 2 million applications were submitted.
One-time payments will be made from June 1, 2020. Funds can be received for each child aged 3-16, having the citizenship of the Russian Federation. People can apply for a one-time payment by October 1, 2020.