RT Labs subsidiary’s project approved by SEZ Innopoils Supervisory Board

5 April

As a resident of Innopolis, RTK Soft Labs is planning to create a R&D Center

On April 4 the project of RTK Soft Labs, a subsidiary of RT Labs Group, was approved by the Supervisory Board of Innopolis Special Economic Zone (SEZ) chaired by Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan.
As a resident of Innopolis, RTK Soft Labs is planning to create a Competence Center for design, development, implementation and operation of Rostelecom digital information products for federal, regional and municipal e-Government services, medical and fiscal services, and banking industry.
The Competence Center will be established in order to optimize financial expenses for R&D, and to build an infrastructure environment for the development of innovative products on the basis of open technologies. The company structure will include analytical, development and test units.
The specialists of the Center will work, in particular, on the development and technical support of the Regional Medical Information System (RMIS), solution “Central Archive of Medical Images - Teleradiology”, the Unified Service Platform (ESP) including the Intellectual Departmental Platform, System for Procedural Compliance for systems that back up business processes of Regional Executive Authorities, National Biometric Platform and products for biometric identification and authentication.
The investments into the project will exceed RUB140 mln over a 5-year period; the R&D expenses will total to approximately 90% of the amount.
RTK Soft Labs workforce will consist of high-qualified IT-specialists from across the country, also from remote regions. National recruiting campaign entitled “Federal Team for Federal Projects” will start in mid-April.
“To date, SEZ Innopolis has in place all the necessary facilities for the implementation of innovative projects of any size. Cooperation with major players of Russian IT-market, such as RT Labs, is very important for us. The project of its subsidiary, RTK Soft Labs, aimed at establishing of the Competence Center for the design and development of digital information products within the Innopolis Special Economic Zone is essential to us. We hope that opportunities offered to our residents will contribute to a successful implementation of ongoing and new projects,” – says Igor Nosov, General Director, AO SEZ Innopolis.
“The RTK Soft Labs Competence Center will become a flagship unit of the Group responsible for the development, implementation and management of advanced information systems intended for different branches of domestic economy. Thanks to the advantages that Innopolis offers to its residents we receive additional opportunities to reach strategic objectives involving the development of digital services and products of PAO Rostelecom,” – noted Mikhail Bondarenko, Director General, RT Labs.
The agreement on RTK Soft Labs operations within the SEZ will come into effect after the investment plan of the company has been reviewed by the SEZ Innopolis Expert Council.