Unified Public Services Portal updated

12 April

The main page, personal account, services catalogue and notification line were modified

RTLabs completed the update of the Unified Public Services Portal ( commissioned by Rostelecom and the Ministry of Communications. The features of the main page and user's personal account have been expanded; personalized notifications have been added, as well as quick access to life situations services and user support.
The main page of the public services portal received a menu with basic information from the personal account, hot keys to access to life situations services, and user support options have been added. The interface has been updated to make it more user-friendly. "The portal needs to be constantly improved so that it meets the current requirements for the convenience and capabilities of a modern website. The latest major update of the portal was conducted in summer 2016, since then we have repeatedly performed usability tests and as a result we have changed a lot. The update will make the services more personalized and enable servicing citizens based on their life situations. The updated public services portal in combination with a mobile application will help people to save their time," said Alexander Pavlovich, Deputy Director of the e-Government Development Department of the Russian Telecom Ministry. The personal account now provides an individual profile analysis, reminders are published to inform that it is necessary to provide missing data, documents details, to promote the account level. Topic-based units "My Health", "Transport and Driving", "Family and Children" have been also added containing a list of relevant services. The notification line functionality has been extended dramatically.
"While operating the e-government infrastructure, we receive feedback from our users, which subsequently becomes the driver of changes to the Unified Public Services Portal. Besides, to improve the user experience we engage new forms of communication with gamification elements - we offer citizens to conduct interactive testing of our portal and pass a mini-quest for public services," said Mikhail Bondarenko, Director for E-Government at Rostelecom.
There are now 70.5 million citizens registered on the Unified Public Services Portal. They can order services through the website or mobile application. The most popular services are car registration with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, obtaining driver's license, obtaining passport at the age of 18, getting information about fines, tax debts, enforcement proceedings. 1.24 billion services were ordered through the Unified Public Services Portal and mobile application as of 2017. The unified portal of public services is the 12th mostly visited website by monthly reach in the Russian segment of the Internet.