New digital services are available for voters on the Government Services portal

30 August

Innovations implemented on the eve of the Single Voting Day, September 8, 2019

Users of the portal and Government Services mobile application have access to “My Election” section in their personal account, which became available on the eve of the Single Voting Day, September 8, 2019. On this day, heads of 16 constituent entities of the Russian Federation will be elected, in 42 regions deputies of legislative bodies will be elected, and in four one-candidate constituencies additional elections of the State Duma deputies will be held.
Voters can electronically receive information about the timing of the election campaigns, the candidates, election commissions and the polling stations, as well as submit an application for inclusion in the voters list at the domicile using the Mobile Voter service before September 4, 2019.
For the first time ever an opportunity was offered to voters coming fr om regions to choose a digital polling station for voting in Moscow.
Another innovation was a chance to submit an application for voting at home in electronic form. The service is available on the Portal until September 4, 2019. It can be used by citizens who, for good reason, are not able to сome to the polling place (for reasons of health, disability or other reasons provided for in paragraph 1, Article 66 of Federal Law No. 67-FZ of June 12, 2002).
Provision of digital services for voters is implemented by a system integrator of RTLabs (a subsidiary of Rostelecom), at the request of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media and the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation.
* Voting at digital stations is available for voters of 4 one-candidate constituencies, where additional election of deputies of the State Duma, will be held, and for voters of 16 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, wh ere elections of the heads of regions will take place.