RIF 2018 spoke about Public Digital

18 April

Joint session turned out to be one of the most attended at the Forum

On April 18, RIF 2018 Internet Technologies Festival first hosted a joint panel session "Public Digital. Practice, reality, prospects" uniting the representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Rostelecom and RTLabs. The panel was moderated by Alexander Pavlovich, Deputy Director of the e-Government Development Department of the Russian Telecom Ministry.  
Alexey Kozyrev, Deputy Minister for Telecom and Mass Communications, presented the successful projects implemented by the Ministry in the recent six years. Oleg Kachanov, Director of the Computerization Projects Department of the Telecom Ministry and Denis Khadaskov, RTLabs Project Director, shared the outcomes of Mobile Voter project.  
Dmitry Matveev, Head of the e-Government Development Department and Konstantin Rybakov, RTLabs Project Director, gave a joint report on development of public IT projects. Alexander Pavlovich presented an overview of the organizational concept and design of digital environment of public internet resources (GOSWEB).
Ivan Berov, Director for Digital Identity at Rostelecom, introduced the Unified Biometrical System providing for the access to new services of secure digital Russia. Alexander Golovin, Project Director at the Telecom Ministry delivered a report titled "Public services portal, a platform of popular public services", and Timur Aleinikov, Deputy Director of the Main Data Computing Center at the Ministry of Culture, explained how to organize a current guide of the cultural scene of the entire country at the Unified Portal of Public Services.
RTLabs annually participates in RIF Festival presenting the most topical projects aimed at development of federal and regional infrastructure of the Electronic Government, computerization of public management, telemedicine and biometrics.
Being an annual Russian internet forum, RIF covers the major trends of the internet industry. This year, the festival was visited by 8000 delegates who could choose from 100 parallel sections. Over 250 speakers from Russia's leading internet companies and public bodies had a chance to share their experience and practical cases. The main topic of this forum was digital economy and its influence over off-line industries, state management procedures, business processes and the society. RIF 2018 was organized with the support of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, the Federal Press and Mass Communications Agency and the Institute for Internet Development.