The Public Services Portal has a function which allows a person applying for a repayment holiday to send documents

21 May

RTLabs acted as a technology partner of the project

The Public Services Portal provides an opportunity to generate a certificate according to Form 2-NDFL and an account statement from the Pension Fund of Russia, necessary for applying for a repayment holiday. Documents can be sent to a bank or other financial institution directly through one's personal area.
The service was implemented by the Ministry of Digital Developpmet, Communications and Mass Media of Russia together with the Bank of Russia. RTLabs provided technology support to the project.
A special directory with the electronic addresses of banks and other financial organizations has also been uploaded to the portal so that it should be very easy for people to choose the company they need and send documents.
A possibility is being studied of applying for a repayment holiday with generation of a full package of necessary documents directly on the Public Services Portal.
Plans are underway of providing an opportunity for financial organizations to receive all necessary information about a citizen’s income with his consent (about insurance contributions, tax deductions, etc.) from a personal account for obtaining a repayment holiday. The relevant changes are being prepared to be introduced in the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 710 of June 3, 2019.