EPGU offers an option to pay several penalties at one stroke

27 March

The new service helps users save their time

Users of the Unified Public Services Portal (EPGU, have been offered an option to pay multiple traffic and parking penalties in one transaction*.
To do so, they have to log in to the EPGU website and go to the Penalties section on the main page or in the services catalogue, indicating their vehicle or driver details and selecting items for payment.
The payment is made by debiting a bank card account – the user only has to enter its details in a special form or select the details already stored in the system. To confirm, they enter a one-time code received from their issuer bank in a text message. The payment will be displayed in the user’s member area.
Any traffic and parking rules penalties** paid at EPGU within 20 days from the day they were imposed are subject to the regular 50% discount. No discounts apply to penalties for unpaid parking.
The Multipay service was launched as a pilot project to develop EPGU functionality in December 2017, originally in the tax payments section.
‘Multipay at least halves the time you spend on paying your penalties. During the first three and a half months of running the service, we registered more than 870,000 multipayments for a total of around RUB 2.4 billion. Based on this figure, we believe this service will be gaining popularity going forward,’ said Mikhail Bondarenko, Director for Electronic Government at Rostelecom.
In the near future, users will be able to use Multipay for payments due to the Federal Bailiff Service. In Q2 2018 Multipay will become available in the mobile app.
The service has been commissioned by the Russian Telecom Ministry. New functionality has been developed and implemented by RTLabs on request from Rostelecom, the sole contractor for the development of the Electronic Government Infrastructure under Government Decree No 812-r dated 28 April 2017.
* Applicable to penalties imposed by the following agencies: the Moscow Administrative Traffic Inspection, the Administrator of the Moscow Parking Space, the Administrator of the Belgorod Parking Space, the Administration of the City of Izhevsk, the State Administration for the Technical Condition of Self-Propelled Machines and Other Vehicles in the Tver Region, the Administration of the City of Tver and the Administration of the Technical Inspection of the Executive Committee of the City of Kazan.
** For traffic signs 3.27 and 3.28