Mobile Public Services wins Runet Award 2017

23 November

Mobile Public Services is rated the best Mobile Application

Mobile application Public Services was announced the winner of the Runet Award 2017 on 23 November at the Digital Business Space platform in Moscow. Representatives of the Russian Telecom Ministry and RTLabs took part in the awards ceremony.
Mobile Public Services is a multiplatform solution for all types of communicators, smartphones and tablets. It is a flexible, dynamic product oriented to the end-user. Ongoing updates driven by feedback from active users and by the use of innovative UI\UX solutions make it the most technologically advanced and handy tool for electronic interaction of citizens, business and government.  
The service is available in all situations, anywhere and anytime, to all population groups, including the socially disadvantaged, the mobility-impaired and residents of remote areas. It has been specifically designed to be accessible to users with vision disorders.
Its first version was launched in March 2012. In the autumn of 2017 it was followed by an update turning the main page into a full-scale user assistant and changing the newsfeed and the services directory. Since early 2017 the number of unique devices where the Public Services app was launched at least once has exceeded 10 million. In 2016 it received the Golden Application award in three contest nominations: Lifestyle; Productivity, Services, Training, and The Best Application of the Brand.
The national Runet award is given annually for outstanding merits in IT and telecom to the best companies, state, public organizations, businesses and individuals who have made a significant contribution to the development of the Russian Internet.