The Russian Telecom Ministry and ROSTELECOM sign a contract for E-Government infrastructure operation for 2016

25 December

A dramatic rise in service quality requirements

The new contract covers multiple adjustments to the main information systems which constitute the groundwork for e-government, as well as the new systems developed in 2015. They include Gosbar for quick search and navigation across government agencies’ websites with a functionality to monitor their availability and the Open Public Service Platform system, a project where federal services are offered as service widgets. Under the contract, Rostelecom will be providing a range of new services, such as maintenance of architectural changes to information systems, process control, test and integration environments support, a service for automatic error correction at the time of data input and the monitoring of public service request functional scenarios.

Given that e-government infrastructure will have to cope with an increasing workload, the contract stipulates a dramatic rise in service quality. In addition to that, higher requirements apply to information security services for e-government, the monitoring of information systems and services quality and to the registration of first and critical priority incidents.

In 2016 Rostelecom will offer its proprietary software and hardware facilities to host over 20 public information systems and software suites on Rostelecom’s National Cloud Platform.

The number of registered EPGU users doubled over 2015, reaching 21.85 million users who requested 23 million services. The portal was visited by around 85.4 million visitors.

In 2015 Rostelecom issued around 220,000 account confirmations to users. The total of confirmations issued since 2011 has equalled 2.83 million.

The number of participants in the System for Inter-Agency Electronic Communication (SMEV) has risen to 12,400. In 2015 SMEV was used to complete over 5.5 billion transactions.

In 2015 Russian banks used SMEV to access Federal Treasury’s GIS GMP (Geo-information System: Federal and Municipal Payments) around 2.5 billion times.

The development of EPGU (the Unified Public Services Portal) is part of e-services concept approved by the Russian Government on 25 December 2013 (Decree 2516-r).

The actions described above are taken in furtherance of Presidential Decree No.601 dated 7 May 2012, under which the percentage of citizens using federal and municipal e-services must reach 70% by 2018, with customer satisfaction levels at 90%.