Telecom Ministry congratulates RT Labs on a successful migration of the public services beta-portal

21 July

The public services beta-portal successfully migrated to on the night of 14 July.

A project team from RT Labs was involved in switching the upgraded EPGU version, updating the interface and doing the functional and load testing.

Migration results have been highly praised by the Russian Telecom Ministry that commissioned the project. The Ministry has thanked the staff members who were directly involved in the implementation, namely A.Baksheeva, D.Kononenko, S.Gorbachev, I.Chernetsova, D.Avdeev, Y.Smirnov, N.Vavilova, N.Vakorin, V.Kapral, G.Alexandrov, V.Gromyko, L.Mironenko, S.Kudasov and D.Churkin. An official letter from the Ministry to the Company praises the professional approach by our colleagues to planning and implementation.

‘On behalf of all our team members, I associate myself with the congratulations sent by our partners from the Ministry and wish to say that this victory would never have been achieved without the contribution of so many colleagues from so many departments who have been involved with developing and operating the portal and supporting the project. Our joint efforts will lead us to new records. Lying ahead are the new horizons, the new challenges and the new achievements’, says Mikhail Bondarenko, General Director, of RT Labs.