HR news from RT Labs

11 April

RT Labs announces new appointments

On 30 March 2016 the Board of Directors appointed Acting Deputy General Director Anna Lazovskaya Deputy General Director for Project Management. Anna has been with RT Labs since April 2015 and previously worked as Director for Project Management.

General Director of RT Labs Mikhail Bondarenko comments, ‘Anna has walked a long way towards this position. She had to prove she was worthy of it, doing a lot of very important and very difficult things every day. We can now remove the word “acting” from her title and wish her more energy, will-to-win spirit and every success and luck in her new position.’

RT Labs’ team has been joined by Alisa Korzhenevskaya who has been appointed Director for E-Government Infrastructure Development. Prior to RT Labs she was head of delivery channels for federal and municipal e-services at the Telecom Ministry. Alisa was directly involved with delivering regional data integration with SMEV, launching ESIA service centres, implementing a road map to streamline customhouse procedures for marine and truck transportation and with SMEV3 development.

‘One of our most important businesses has been to operate and develop e-government infrastructure. As we strengthen this line and build synergy with our key customer, the Telecom Ministry, we have decided to fortify our team. Now that Alisa is with us, we feel stronger and will be able to achieve more,’ added Mikhail Bondarenko.