New director appointments at regional branches

24 December

Regional development as one of RT Labs’ strategic priorities

We have been actively involved in launching new regional branches, and the one we opened in Kazan will be followed by competence centres in Samara and Novosibirsk.

Rapid growth has helped the Company to improve its performance indicators and to grow its revenues almost threefold. As the volumes of work rise dramatically, it has hired 100 new employees.

However, the flip side of rapid growth is that the processes appropriate for a small company do not fit a growing business. Small-sized branches that used to be managed from the centre have now grown up, and new management principles are required for ongoing management.

To streamline our business and facilitate independent development of our branches, we have introduced the positions of Director for Regional Development and Branch Directors. To select the candidates, we have had open contests and face-to-face interviews to assess candidates’ competences and make final appointments.

We have selected Igor Lifatov for the position of Director for Regional Development. His duties will include managing all regional branches, controlling the launch of new branches and ensuring that regional branch staff operate efficiently.



‘RT Labs is a major player in IT solutions and services development, but our regional market positions are only starting to take shape. As we opened our regional branches in Voronezh, Yaroslavl and Kazan, we could see that business life is as vibrant outside Moscow as it is inside it, although the success factors and the business climate may differ. It is my sincere belief that my experience as regional manager will help our Company to join in and win the competition.’

Vladimir Lavyrev has been appointed Director of the Voronezh Branch.

‘I wish to thank the Company for their trust and support. It has been a great help. I have been with the Company for almost two years now and have seen a lot of positive change. As the Company is rapidly developing, this creates additional opportunities for professional, financial and career growth. Our close-knit team in Voronezh are prepared to deliver any targets.’

Irina Hlestkova has been appointed Director of the Yaroslavl Branch.

‘I am grateful to the Company’s senior management for the trust they have placed in me and for an opportunity to manage a regional branch. To the priorities that have been set already, I would add developing new business lines, such as RPGU (the Regional Public Services Portal), building up internal competences and helping our staff to grow professionally.’

Alexei Fomenko has been appointed Director of the newly-launched Kazan Branch.

‘At RT Labs, we have in place a team who are capable of tackling any challenge of any complexity and on a nation-wide scale, for example, developing and maintaining E-Government Infrastructure. Here in Kazan, we are building up our competences on О7.Medicine and developing business lines such as utilities, education and transport. I wish to thank the Company’s senior management for their trust in me.’

These changes imply a changeover to a matrix management structure. Local managers are now made responsible for arranging the operation of their branches; they will assign duties and will be responsible for performance; they will take action to ensure that their staff are able to grow professionally; they will have to generate training ideas, suggest bonus payments, salary reviews and will lead in personnel assessment processes. At the same time, each staff member in a branch will remain at their place within the relevant vertical structure and will receive assignments from their functional manager.