Rostelecom’s Roaming Centre is joined by 23 EDM operators

11 October

Operators represent at least 50% of the EDI market

The Roaming Centre for E-Document Interchange Operators has 23 member companies: Argos, Atlas, Eastern Communications, Directum, United Electronic Market Place, IIT, Index PK, Infotex, National Certification Centre, NTSoft, Rus-Telecom, Servercentre, System Group Rus, UC Soyuz, Taxcom, Taxnet, Tensor, Certification Centre UC GIS, Information Security Centre, Electronic Communications, Electronic Express, and Energy Systems and Communications. Operators represent at least 50% of the national market of e-invoicing and service customers from multiple business sectors up and down the country.

Rostelecom launched its Roaming Centre for E-Document Interchange Operators on 22 June 2016. The system was designed and developed with a view to methodological and technological recommendations from ROSEU. OOO Aspect was a methodology partner of the project, and RT Labs was a technology partner.

The Roaming Centre is an open technology platform ensuring at the current stage that customers of EDI operators can interchange electronic tax invoices in a secure mode. The key functions of the platform include e-document mailing along pre-set transport routes; generation of receipts at each stage of the route; member status verification services; storage and provision of data for tackling disputes.

‘The Roaming Centre is a ready-to-use infrastructure for inter-operator data exchange. As the system develops, it will have broader functionality and will be able, among other things, to accept free format documents’, says Mikhail Bondarenko, Director for E-Government, Rostelecom.

‘Integration efforts made by each EDI operator on their own are often fraught with financial and time expenses. To get connected to Rostelecom’s roaming centre, you only have to integrate your IT systems, do the testing, sign the contract and get registered. Connecting to an external, non-affiliated roaming centre, operators get one point of contact for any organizational or technical issues they may have’, explains Daniyar Sadykov, Director for Integration Projects, RT Labs.

‘By being involved in the project we have risen to a new level in servicing our end-customers. We have grown our audience and streamlined the procedure for interaction with other EDI operators. We are confident that as other providers join us we will be able to tap the entire potential of this project and our customers will have to spend less time for changing over from hard to soft copies’, adds Olga Pryada, Head of EDI, Tensor.

Interaction between EDI members connected to the Roaming Centre complies with Finance Ministry Order No.174n dated 10.11.2015 “On the Approval of the Procedure for Issuing and Receiving Electronic VAT Invoices over Telecommunication Channels Using Enhanced Encrypted and Certified Digital Signature” in effect since 01.04.2016.

At any connection stage and throughout operation, RT Labs experts will continue to offer 24/7 consulting and technological support to EDI operators. Connection requests can be submitted to Telephone for queries: 8 (800) 100-42-06.