E-Government infrastructure becomes even more reliable

27 December

Backup Data Processing Center is brought into operation

Rostelecom launched the Backup Data Processing Center (BDPC) for the E-Government infrastructure (IEP). It places the most significant elements of the IEP, such as the Public Services Portal, the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA), the Inter-Agency Electronic Interaction System (SMEV), and the Unified Regulatory Reference Information System (ESNSI). The project commissioned by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation was implemented by the RTLabs system integrator and the Data Storage Center company.
The first scheduled switch of the Gosuslugi (Public Services) Portal, ESIA, SMEV and ESNSI from the Federal Data Processing Center to the Backup Data Processing Center was successfully implemented on the night of December 8th to 9th, 2018. These systems were processing requests in the BDPC within one hour, and then they were switched back to the federal DPC. After the testing of the user traffic migrations, the operation of all systems remains stable. From now on, in case of emergency in the FDPC, such as power outages, fire, flood, collapse of structures, etc., user requests will be redirected to the BDPC. This scenario enhances the reliability and disaster-resistance of the E-Government infrastructure, making it possible to recover its systems in a matter of hours.
The E-Government services are currently used by more than half of Russia's population (over 85 million people). The number of services ordered by the Gosusligi portal and m-app users saw more than a twofold increase to exceed 56 million during the year. Over 2,000 information systems of federal and regional authorities, as well as commercial entities, are connected to the ESIA. The ESIA accounts were used to complete more than 1.5 billion authorizations in 2018. And about 80 million transactions per day on average are registered in SMEV.
“The E-Government becomes an integral part of the life of the country and its citizens. Its services help millions of Russians solve their essential issues every day. The guaranteed reliability of such a complex and heavy loaded infrastructure is a strategic task that we have successfully solved,” says Mikhail Bondarenko, Director for E-Goverment at Rostelecom.