Yugra Public Services modernized for relocation to Unified Portal

7 September

RTLabs becomes  the technology partner of the project

Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug -Yugra is among the first ten regions to join the Multiregionality pilot project, initiated by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.
The pilot project has been developed under the regional government contract with PJSC Rostelecom to modernize the existing regional and municipal public services with their subsequent migration to the Unified Public Services Portal ( RTLabs, the leading system integrator of Rostelecom, is the technological partner of the project.
Earlier developed regional and municipal services were adapted to the format of the Unified Public Services Portal. Interactive forms for submission of applications are updated using the Form Designer solution without altering their content.
In addition, application forms for regional services, such as Civil Registry Office services or issuing hunter ID cards of a uniform federal format, were migrated to unified forms of the Portal using the Service Hub. This facility helps to reduce the burden on regional information systems and optimize storage of reference information.
In 2017, Yugra Department of Informational Technologies selected over 30 government and municipal services to be upgraded. Sixteen of them have been fully upgraded and made available via the Unified Portal, with the  application forms being brought in line with the current regulatory requirements. Most socially important and popular public services include the following:
-School E-diary. In the first half of 2017 almost 1 million requests for this service were made by Yugra residents.
-School enrollment applications. On February 1,2017 acceptance of applications started at 00:00. In the first ten hours, 1319 applications were filed. In February the service was used 16,554 times, and more than 43,600 times in the first six months of the year.
-Obtaining vouchers to children's holiday camps. The spring voucher issuing campaign was successfully conducted using Unified Portal services. About 6,300 Yugra citizens took advantage of the service.
Yugra residents can now enjoy an up-to-date Portal interface supporting access from mobile devices, and a number of services, including single point of access to the federal and regional services, easy search in the directory, personal account (cabinet) supporting   operations and applications history, interactive informers notifying of  fines and debts.
Six of the 16 reformatted services were upgraded to conform the format of Inter-Agency Electronic Communication System (SMEV) capable of transmitting attachments exceeding 1 Gb in zise. Earlier, the region already implemented electronic services of Civil Registry Office, registration and enrollment of children in kindergartens, issuance and cancellation of hunter ID cards.
According to the Telecom Ministry, with the Multiregionality project  implemented in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra, the percentage of residents who use the e-services increased by 12.7% to reach 69.1% of the population of the region. Over the first half of 2017, the number of the users increased by almost 180 thousand people.
“RTLabs provides technical support for the Unified Pubic Services Portal and processing of individual applications. Advanced solutions developed for the Federal e-Government Infrastructure help us in creating and developing user-friendly and flexible instrument to receive public services. Thanks to user feedback, we are able to track trends and improve public services delivery mechanisms," points out Stanislav Sirazhev, Director of RTLabs branch in Yekaterinburg.
“The Multiregionality project aims to create a single platform for the provision of public services and reduce the cost of and workload on the regional information systems favorably measuring against maintenance of their own public services portals. Rostelecom as the sole contractor for the e-Government Infrastructure development, provides support and maintenance of information systems of the Unified Public Services Portal, including hardware and software support.
These factors ensure significant advantage of using the Unified Public Services Portal as the main provider of public services in the regions,” says Dmitry Lukoshkov, Director of Khanty-Mansi branch of PJSC Rostelecom.
“Migration of the regional portal to the Unified Portal helps to optimize financial resources of the region and provides a comprehensive solution to a number of technological issues related to supporting the regional portal. Over the years, a significant progress has been made in the introduction of e-services in the daily life of the people in Yugra. Today, the number of Yugra residents registered with the Unified Public Services Portal has reached 872,000. Dynamic growth of “electronic” population in Yugra is driven by the convenience, comfort and efficiency of receiving services online. This allows the citizens to reduce the number of personal visits to the offices of various authorities, pay fines and duties at a discount, and track the status of their applications,” sums up Pavel Tsiporin, Director of the IT department of Yugra.