Fifth anniversary of ESIA

28 November


The Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA) established by Rostelecom five years ago at the request of the Russian Telecom Ministry, has grown into a major independent information system and a single point of contact for individuals, businesses and executive agencies to access e-government infrastructure and other information systems connected to the Inter-Agency Electronic Interaction System (SMEV).

With ESIA, about 3 thousand users per minute visit federal and regional public services portals and the websites of Russian Public Initiative (ROI), Federal Service for State Registration (Rosreestr), Federal Tax Service and Pension Fund or connect to Wi-Fi network in the Moscow metro. By November 2016, about 1,000 participant systems had been connected to ESIA, as compared with just 170 in early 2014.

ESIA’s key function is to provide a single account to access multiple and meaningful public information systems. With this account, any portal that uses ESIA can be accessed with one login and password.

Anyone having an account is able to easily and quickly pay their taxes, register their child for a kindergarten, receive pension account information and request many other public services. On top of that, businesses can get authorised on the e-bidding platform; and public agencies on Management (a Computerised Public Information System).

ESIA boasts a sharp rise in the number of their subscribers, from 1.4 million in early 2012 to almost ten times that number in 2015. As at November 2016, the system had about 35.5 million users.

‘ESIA is guided by the principle of single point of contact in providing access to public and other services to individuals and legal entities with one account. To interface with the government, you need not have different logins or passwords. The system offers a convenient mode for receiving public and, going forward, financial services and for tackling multiple life situations’, said Alexander Chechin, Head of Development, E-Government Department, Rostelecom.

ESIA was established to the order of and is operated by the Russian Telecom Ministry. It is developed by one contractor, Rostelecom, under Information Society (2011-20), a federal programme of the Russian Government. RT Labs is Rostelecom’s key service provider for the operation and development of e-government infrastructure.