Comnews: E-government for RT Labs

6 July

A contract for e-government infrastructure operation

As follows from the documents published on the public procurement portal, Rostelecom intends to sign a RUB976 million contract for e-government infrastructure operation with its subsidiary RT Labs for a period until 31 December this year. The deal has been announced as purchase from a single provider.

Rostelecom has to review RT Labs’ contract application and make a procurement decision by 30 July 2015. The maximum contract value (RUB976 million) is VAT inclusive.

As follows from the work specification, RT Labs’ duties will include elimination of errors in e-government infrastructure software, routine maintenance and prevention of malfunctions. RT Labs will also support changes to e-government information systems and install, maintain and repair the software / hardware suite of the infrastructure.

Rostelecom had intentions to sign with RT Labs another contract worth RUB935 million for the implementation and maintenance of regional information systems E-Government and Information Community by RT Labs. This application from RT Labs must be reviewed by Rostelecom before 24 July this year. The contract will expire on 31 March 2016 or as soon the funds are completely utilized.

This March Rostelecom and the Russian Telecom Ministry entered into a contract for e-government infrastructure operation for 2015. This contract, worth RUB2,035 billion, stipulates much more stringent requirements for the quality of servicing. 

According to the Company, the number of users registering on the public services portal in 2014 has almost doubled and reached 13 million. The number of services requested has risen to 17 million whereas the portal has been visited 72.5 million times. Since 2010 Rostelecom’s sales and customer service centre has issued over 2 million activation codes. SMEV (the System for Inter-Agency Electronic Communication) now has 11,000 participants who made over 4.3 billion transactions in 2014.