Cnews: Performance assessment at Rostelecom’s IT subsidiary

21 September

RT Labs invests in its staff

In a volatile economic environment, system integrator RT Labs, a Rostelecom subsidiary, supports its staff by investing in their development and helping them to improve their finances.

One of the key objectives for the new management is to establish a team of high professionals and fellow thinkers whose goal will be to transform the Company into an efficiently developing system integrator earning a high margin and net profit. RT Labs believes that people are the most valuable asset that will help to make that happen.

RT Labs is now establishing a new tradition for staff motivation. The tradition as such had originated a long time ago but then fell into disuse. It has now been transformed into a procedure of annual assessment by managers on different levels. The Company has developed a skills&competence matrix which helps to build a portrait of each staff member, identify their weaknesses and advantages and develop individual business plans for each of them for the next three years.

Skills&competence is a multi-phase evaluation process. It involves managers on all levels and from different units, including line managers, whose opinions help to generate an objective, adequate and relevant description of each staff member, determine the range of their interests and identify the most promising lines for development. 

‘When we looked at our personnel we used an approach that was different from the one traditionally prescribed. We came up with a skills&competence matrix that helped to generate a list of skills and competences of each staff member, understand their advantages, define the lines for their development and establish a road map for professional and career growth. We designed a very efficient development system for each one of them so that we could get them involved in the projects that appealed to them most and where their contribution to the overall success would be the highest,’ said Yevgeny Vasilenko, Deputy General Director for Organization Development and HR.

The assessment was followed by new appointments and a wholesale review of salaries to incentivize the most promising and successful employees. The Company established an HR reserve and developed a training and development plan for each of its staff members for the next three years.

By the time of the next assessment, the Company intends to have further upgraded the evaluation technology by computerizing the procedure, applying innovative cost control methods and implementing a system for project budget control.