The number of ESIA registered users in Russia exceeds 66 million

8 February

In 2017 Russia’s ‘e-population’ grew by over 66%

Almost a half of Russians (over 66 m) are now registered in the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA). In 2017 Russia’s e-population increased by more than 66%, with the number of ESIA registered users growing by 2 million each month.
At the top of the Russian Telecom Ministry’s league table is the Nenets Autonomy which ranked 80th only a year ago. Over one year its e-population has risen by more than 77% to 95.5%. The Republic of Tyva has come second, showing an annual increase of almost 30% to 93.5%. Record performance was also demonstrated by the Chukotka Autonomy (more than 60%), climbing up from number 71 to number 3 over one year (currently 87.1%). The Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomies are at the bottom of the Top 5, with 85.2% and 81% respectively.
The number of ESIA registered citizens aged over 14 has gone over 70% in the regions of Kursk, Tula and Sakhalin and the Republics of Dagestan and Altai. In the regions of Tambov, Vologda and the Republic of Udmurtia it is above 69%.
ESIA is a single point of access to more than 4,000 public and commercial portals, the number of which has grown four-fold over the last year. ESIA has performed almost one billion authorizations, of which more than a quarter were requested for accessing the Unified Public Services Portal (EPGU).
EPGU is now offering more than 29,000 federal, regional and municipal public services. For about 23,000 of them, users need to have confirmed accounts (currently about 60% of the total EPGU users, or over 40 m people). A citizen may have their identity confirmed at any Customer Service Centre (
‘A confirmed account with the Unified Identification and Authentication System opens access to a huge number of public e-services. Very soon ESIA will be able to become a single entry point for all services, from e-mail to remote banking and medical assistance,’ said Mikhail Bondarenko, Director for E-Government at Rostelecom.
Russia’s Telecom Ministry acts as the government contracting authority for ESIA development and operation. System development under government programme Information Society (2017-2030) is the responsibility of Rostelecom as the sole contractor for the development of E-Government Infrastructure under Government Decree No 812-r dated 28 April 2017. The project’s technology partner is RTLabs.