The biometric Access Control System (ACS) of Rostelecom and RTLabs is included in the Unified Register of Domestic Software

11 June

The solution is integrated with the Unified Biometric System

Two digital products of RTLabs, which together constitute a system of biometric identification for control and access management of Rostelecom, are included in the Unified Register of Domestic Software by order of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. The new products are classified as information systems applied for solution of specific industry problems. The system instantly identifies a person and can be used for a touch-free access to state and commercial institutions, events, and public transport.
The biometric ACS is a high-tech solution that allows you to control the entrance to and exit from the premises and ensures robust security of the facility. In order to pass through a turnstile equipped with a biometric identification package, it is necessary to register data in the local ACS database or the Unified Biometric System, whereupon you come up to the turnstile and look at the camera. Now, the biometric system identifies the person and transmits a signal to the ACS, which allows passage. The entire procedure before opening the turnstile takes no more than three seconds.
The solution can be easily integrated with enterprise business processes and other security systems. It allows you to keep track of employees’ working hours, adjust access levels for different zones of the facility area, identify abnormal behavior using machine learning algorithms, restrict access for potentially dangerous persons, and increase the throughput of passage through the checkpoint.
“Rostelecom is one of the main players in the digital services market. We not only create modern digital services for businesses, government and citizens, but also actively use them in our own life. So, we have tested the convenience of the biometric ACS. And today we are already testing our solution at a number of government facilities. Now you don’t have to look for a pass before entering the office - the smart turnstile itself will open the doors. In the near future, Rostelecom employees using biometric identification services, will be able to print, scan and copy documents in common printing areas, pay for goods through vending machines and cafes in the Company offices. We are also planning to expand the scope of the Unified Biometric System. Pilot projects are currently underway on the use of biometrics in the transport industry, multiservice centers, retail business, the notarial system and a number of other areas", said Ivan Berov, Director for Digital Identity at Rostelecom, and Deputy General Director for Digital Identity at RTLabs.