Banks started loan origination based on remote biometric identification

17 July

RTLabs is the key technology partner of the Unified Biometric System development project

In Russia, for the first time ever, a bank loan to purchase consumer electronics in an online store was issued using remote biometric identification. This became possible with the launch of the Unified Biometric System on July 2, 2018. The system development was initiated by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. Rostelecom is the designer and operator of the system.  
Igor Bogdanov, Project Director at RTLabs, became the first client of the bank that issued an online purchase loan through the Unified Biometric System. RTLabs is the key technology partner of the project, directly involved in the development of the system and automated workstation of a biometric data collection operator.
To get registered in the Unified Biometric System, a single visit to the bank is only necessary in order to provide biometric data – a photo image and a voice profile – to the bank staff. To be identified remotely, it is enough to have a laptop or a smartphone connected to the Internet, to enter the login/password used for ESIA, and to say a short system-generated verification utterance in front of the smartphone or computer camera.
In the future, the Unified Biometric System will become a national platform for citizens’ convenient and secure access to public and commercial services. With the accumulation of data in the Unified Biometric System, the scope of its application in various fields will be growing. The most promising areas include financial sector, notaries, public and municipal services, healthcare, education, retail, e-commerce.
The Uniform Biometric System will facilitate access to digital services for those living in hard-to-reach regions and for people with disabilities, reduce costs, and also improve the quality of such services.